The Time Is Now!! Undocumented and Unafraid!! MARCO

September 7th, 2011
Luis R., walk

Marco needs your help! Marco has given his time, his talents and now his freedom in order to support all of us in our pursuit of making the Dream Act a reality. During a recent sit-in in North Carolina, Marco was arrested and detained and now faces deportation if his bail money is not paid.  Please show your support of Marco and all that he stands for by making a donation.  Thank you for all you have done; We love you Marco! 

Friends and Family,

To say that the present times are proving to be hard for the undocumented community here in North Carolina would be a complete understatement. Truth is, times are proving to be unbearable. With North Carolina being a testing ground for 287g programs and Secure Communities and no option to opt out we can only expect for implementation to become harsher and in turn more family separation, heartbreak and complete loss of hope within our undocumented community.
On top of such widely criticized programs our state has gone even further in oppressing us. Currently here in NC undocumented youth who wish to enroll in Community College have to wait and enroll at the end with hopes that there is still room and pick only from the left over classes. Education is a right, and we the undocumented community, are currently being denied that right.
Because our state’s Democrat and Republican leaders have chosen to stand against us by denying us the right to fair access to education and allowing the suffering of our families and friends through the continued harsh implementation of 287g and Secure Communities. We: Alicia Torres, Cynthia Martinez, Manuel Vazquez, Angelica Velazquillo, and Martin Rodriguez, undocumented youth from across NC have decided that now is the time to stand up and raise our voices loud and clear against such injustices against ourselves and our families.
But we cannot do this alone. This coming September 6th, we will be having an Undocumented Unafraid Rally in Charlotte and we need both your physical support there as well as your financial support to help ensure that this is a success. We are planning to involve youth from across NC and your contributions will help us cover everything from transportation to banner paint. In advance we want to thank you for all your support and any contribution you make. Today is the day you decide: will you stand with us by supporting us or will you stand against us and allow for such injustices to continue. 

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