Queens Center Mall & Dream Act

July 7th, 2011
Luis R., walk

It is important that we reach out to senators, legislators, assemblymen and women about The Dream Act. We must have their support as allies and as co-sponsors. As advocates to the communities in which they serve, it is their duty and obligation to speak for the families within those communities. That is why “Dreamers” will gather tomorrow at the Queens Center Mall, where residents of all races, creeds and backgrounds from Elmh…urst, Astoria, Corona, Jackson Heights, Maspeth, Long Island and many other communities, to form a community of one voice. The goal will be to gain support, network with other “Dreamers” and to educate and inform the community about The Dream Act and its importance to families throughout New York.

Es importante que nos acercamos a los senadores, diputados, y asambleístas sobre la Ley DREAM. Debemos contar con su apoyo como aliados y como co-patrocinadores. Como defensores de las comunidades en las que sirven, es su deber y la obligación de representar a las familias dentro de esas comunidades. Es por eso que “Soñadores” se reunirán mañana en el Queens Center Mall, donde los residentes de todas las razas y orígenes de Elmhurst, Astoria, Corona, Jackson Heights, Maspeth, Long Island y muchas otras comunidades, para formar una comunidad de una sola voz . El objetivo será lograr el apoyo, conocer otros “soñadores” para educar e informar a la comunidad sobre el DREAM Act y su importancia para las familias de Nueva York.


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